You Can Buy More Beer In China

How much food can $5 buy around the world? A lot of beer in China. A lot of bananas in Ethiopia. Wish the video makers had stretched to include more food variety and a lot more countries. Still, pretty interesting.

When Heft & Attitude Was Sexy 

Apparently a long-standing preference for what used to be called “pleasingly plump” women shifted from between time this image of a burlesque dancer was taken in the 1890’s

food updates

Burlesque 1890’s (All images from the Charles McClaghy Collection)

to a slimmer body ideal prevalent by 1910.

body image, pleasingly plump

1910 image of actress Gudrun Hildebrandt (ebay)

Some of us were born in the wrong era. Maybe we can blame it on microbes.

Obesity Related to What Is Living In Your Gut

Enterobacter cloacae

Enterobacter cloacae

You and I have somewhere between 500 and 1,000 species living in our digestive tracts.  (Even your poo is roughly half living bacteria by weight.) Some have speculated that so-called higher life forms like us are really just a convenient housing system for microscopic life.

We need to pay closer attention to which life forms our diets are cultivating. A diet of junk food, sugar, and refined carbs spurs the population of a not-so-health-friendly endotoxin-producing species called Enterobacter cloacae. A healthy diet can reduce the presence of this bacterial nightmare, which in turn corresponds with weight loss. How much does Enterobacter cloacae have to do with weight gain? When it’s introduced into normal-sized mice, they super size. Yet another reason to eat real food.

Cheapest Wedding Ever

Can you have a wedding with food, decorations, and entertainment all for $100? It’s possible. In fact I went to it. Best wedding ever.

Making Coffee: The Music Video 

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