How To Ruin A Drink

product fail, vintage food ads,

Canned beef broth brimming with hydrolyzed yeast, msg, and caramel color. Ruin the phrase “on the rocks” for you?

awful vintage soup ads,

Let Campbells replace the sweet frosty delight of milkshakes with these vintage suggestions, like chilled Cream of Chicken shake. Add parsley for garnish, of course.

Awaken Your Heart

Watch this small child’s brilliant ethical reasoning win his mother over. They won’t be eating octopus in this family ever again.

Learn From Others

My favorite new gardening book is oddly fascinating and entirely useful. I’ve been growing new varieties like Purple Magenta flour corn, thanks to The Resilient Gardener: Food Production and Self-Reliance in Uncertain Times. I won’t be following some of the author’s recommendations, like building shelves on all my interior walls to cure a year’s supply of winter squash. I’m silly that way. Read my review here.

Discover How To Make Organic Farms Unorganic

As I researched my article for Wired on fracking, the facts made me staunchly anti-fracking. I also discovered that land around our little farm is already leased to the gas and oil industry.  A post titled “How Fracking Affects Your Farmer’s Market” points out that the benefits of healthy organic foods may be up-ended if they’re grown anywhere near fracked sites. Author Harriet Shugarman, with the Climate Reality Project, writes chillingly about ways that contaminants can enter the food supply.

Endure an Entire Minute of a Creepy Cereal-Eating Clown 

It’s pretty hard to imagine this isn’t a parody, but no, it’s an actual advertisement from somewhere in the 1960’s for a Post cereal. No wonder kids were afraid of clowns. And no wonder that cereal isn’t made any more.

Seeking an Epiphany? Envision Peas. 


About Laura Grace Weldon

Laura Grace Weldon is the author of four books and served as 2019 Ohio Poet of the Year. She's the editor of Braided Way: Faces & Voices of Spiritual Practice. She works as a book editor, teaches writing workshops, and maxes out her library card each week.
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