Share Your Stories

share your story,

Your fellow Subversive Cooks want to hear your tales. Just click here.

How you got here from there. Tell us what it’s like to be a third-generation sauerkraut maker, or urban gardener, or person who thrives despite food allergies, you know, your story.

Triumphant stories. Perhaps how you used up 10 pounds of buckwheat groats without your family complaining or how a strange concoction you invented became the hit of the party.

Funny stories. Come on, you have them. Maybe the day you learned Rutabaga Souffle doesn’t impress a date?

So we can share them with everyone else, don’t forget to include a cut-and-paste of our Fussy Pants permission form found below.  


Fussy Pants “Permission To Use Written Submission” Form

I hereby give Laura Grace Weldon and the right and permission to publish and use information I submit. It may be used online, in print, and in other ways related to this project. My submission may include non-fictional accounts of my experiences, recipes, and helpful tips.

I agree that all information I submit is my own.


Name:____________________________________ (You may choose to use only your first name or a nickname, or your full name)

Web address or blog: ____________________ (We’d like to give back some love.)

Background: _____________________________ (Optional. Just a word or two. For example, “aspiring artist,” “homesteader,” “dentist and surfer,” “chef-in-training.”)

Location: ______________________ (Optional. State if you are in the U.S., country if you are out of the U.S.)

Email Address: ____________  (necessary if clarification is required)

Full name: ________________ (not for release)