R U A Subversive Cook?

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You know you want to take this quiz.

1. When people rave about a dish and ask for the recipe, the problem is:

a) It was a result of inspiration and thus unrepeatable.

b) People roll their eyes when you enthuse about pastured eggs and local herbs.

c) You tweaked the recipe to use up what you had on hand, now it bears little similarity to the original.

d) You aren’t ready to fess up to ingredients like xanthan gum or sprouted almonds.

e) Your maniacal laugh makes them worry.


2. A typical weeknight meal:

a) Doesn’t fit anyone’s definition of “typical.”

b) Is based on CSA delights or farmer’s market finds.

c) Often includes leftovers, sale buys, or food storage items.

d) Must accommodate picky appetites, food intolerances, dietary whims.

e) Amuses you.


3. Having company to dinner is:

a) A bit oppressive if people expect something ordinary.

b) A meaningful expression of sustainability in action.

c) A great way to use up something you have in abundance.

d) Time to keep quiet lest you diminish their gustatory delight by admitting the meal is entirely vegan, or gluten-free, or raw, or paleo.

e) An opportunity to challenge yourself, perhaps by including seaweed in each dish.


If you answered yes even once, congratulations,


If you picked one letter most often, check below to find out what motivates you to cook subversively. And if you found yourself agreeing with more than one letter, you can’t be categorized!

Creative subversive cook. If you use recipes, they only serve as a starting point. You like to experiment with ingredients, let your senses guide you, and focus on aesthetic appeal. Taking an innovative approach makes cooking appeal to you.

Sustainable subversive cook. You prefer to choose in-season, local, and frugal ingredients while gladly accommodating windfalls like a great sale on organics or a basket of fresh produce. Your priorities are making good food that embodies your ethics.

C. Frugal subversive cook. You’re comfortable tweaking recipes, substituting ingredients, and finding new ways to make cooking fit your budget. It’s no problem to incorporate sale items, bulk foods, and backyard veggie. Your goal is to maximize savings while making great-tasting food.

D   Health-oriented subversive cook. You follow dietary guidelines that best optimize radiant health for you and your family. Often such a path leads you to new cooking techniques, ingredients, and flavor combinations. You may pay more at times, but the trade-off in health is entirely worth it.

E   Whimsical subversive cook.   You like to go boldly where others rarely venture. You’re attracted to food combinations that are unexpected, occasionally strange, even clandestine. Cooking is part of your spontaneous and adventurous approach to life.